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We’ve been absent from the blog for a while, but here’s the deal, a lot of neat technical stuff is going on around here. Firstly, for about a month or so a couple of clients failed to keep their sites updated which allowed of other websites to infect them with malware and the like. As we were doing random checks of the server data and traffic flow, we had noticed that the mail server was working on over time. As it turns out there was malicious code that spread from sites within the same network. At that point it was time to do an overhaul of all of our clients software and websites. We logged into each site and started the clean up process, many of which were infected with spam mailer scripts and such. Once the sites and services were cleaned up, we moved our main data server(which all of D2-Designs clients are on). Basically what this means is, one server is shutdown and a new one is setup from scratch. It’s the equivalent of wiping your hard drive and reinstalling the Operating System.

Now all of the websites are clean and we contacted Google on behalf of each client to have them confirm that all sites are clean. In turn, once all sites passed Google’s standards of site security, they will relist their listings within Google’s database and search engines. We’ve also strengthened our mail server (which was compromised) in the last evolution of our system.

With all of the above said, the entire move was made without a hitch and customers did not have any down time during the switch. This in of itself was due to extreme diligence and focus that was given to the business at hand.


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