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bkinternational_fw_The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired Law Enforcement men & women who enjoy the sport of motorcycle riding. It was started in April 1974 when Ed Gallant, a police officer with the Bangor, Maine Police Department, had an idea and 4 or 5 other Law Enforcement Officers worked with him to see the idea become a reality. They all enjoyed motorcycles and they all enjoyed riding. The idea was a simple one “Lets just form a motorcycle club for Law Enforcement Officers”! Some of the early members were Chuck Shuman and Urgan Dyer, both from the Brewer Police Department; Wayne LaBree, Sheriff’s Office, Dough Miner, Game Warden, Bill Robinson, Maine State Police; Joel Rudom, Peboscot County Sheriff’s Department; and Chuck Gessner, Probation & Parole. The name “Blue Knights” was suggested by Dave Coleman, Chief of the Brewer Police Department and John Bryant, an artist for the Brewer Police Department, (not a member of the Blue Knights) drew the logo for the club. The news of the Blue Knights organization began to spread after articles ran in the Bangor Daily News and in Road Rider magazine. The Blue Knights continued to grow over the years, as a structure, which now includes an International Board, Conferences and Chapters. The Blue Knights are an incorporated organization operating under an International Constitution and By-Laws. The organization has survived many growing pains to reach the size it is today. The Blue Knights have 628 chapters with over 20,000 members, within 25 countries and are growing each day. Ed Gallant’s dream of having a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club has become a reality!!! The Blue Knights are truly a family where it is common to see that among Blue Knight members “there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met”

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