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levelsThere are many levels to a design and it all starts with a foundation no different than to building any structure.

As you can see from the image to the left, We have taken our own site and placed it into a 3D rotation and highlighted all of the layers. Each container has a different element that is placed on top of our foundation. These layers can range in the hundreds to thousands depending on the content and elements you have in your design. A good web designer uses multiple tools to help in this development, but will still have the knowledge to enhance the design that their tools lack.

Everyone has a different preference on what they want their site to look like. With that said, can you imagine by looking at the image, the price a site would cost you if a developer used Notepad on their computer at a going rate of $95 dollars and hour? The cost would clean out most businesses of their net profit for two quarters or more!

So you take that going rate of $95 dollars an hour, add a developer who utilizes several tools to create their design and still has the knowledge to customize their design to your liking, then you don’t end up breaking the bank just to get on-line.

D2-Designs has all of this capability to do this for you. Our business structure is not designed to inflate the cost of design to get rich. We simply just want people to have their own little notch on the ever expanding world wide web. Most of our designs are simple yet effective. If you take our design, and add it to a CMS like WordPress, then you have the foundation already to make your presence known to the world. We’re not even out to force a design down your throat! If you have found a good design, but want even better hosting, then D2-Designs is the place.

Unlike bigger companies who just want to flood their servers with users by offering “Unlimited Space and Bandwidth”, We set limits to insure that other users on the same shared envirenvironmentt have downtimes because the server is jam packed with users.

How does that affect you? Simple, if you have 500 users on one server, and those sites are getting 500 hits per hour, then the server is experiencing 25,000 page views per hour. Most hosting companies could handle that with no problem. They do it by setting a limit called “Page view limitation”. You’ve probably seen it before “This site has had to many page views, please try back later”. Guess what that is? It’s called downtime, even if the server is on-line for other sites, yours is down.

Trust us, when you sign up with D2-Designs, you’re not only getting excellent service, you’re getting a fantastic foundation!

Get Known!™