Get Known!™

220px-Rack001At D2-Designs, We can run a complete Hosting Solution on 1 Rack Server. Have you ever wondered exactly what you’re buying over the INTERNET these days? It’s hard to buy something you cannot see. Well here at D2-Designs you can finally see your product. In this picture you can see the rack server at it’s best.

For those who don’t know a single rack can contain multiple servers stacked one above the other, consolidating network resources and minimizing the required floor space. The rack server configuration also simplifies cabling among network components. In an equipment rack filled with servers, a special cooling system is necessary to prevent excessive heat buildup that would otherwise occur when many power-dissipating components are confined in a small space.

Your account is found on one of the servers which is connected to a high speed fiber optic data line. This allows multiple computers to access your site via your web address simultaneously. D2-Designs is in the process of acquiring more space for more accounts, which will allow you to have more room to grow.

As you know we stand for quality and not quantity, so don’t be just another number at some big time hosting company looking to flood their servers with accounts. Get Known!™ at D2-Designs, and let us bring you the service you require. We don’t want to flood our servers, this is why we set limits on our accounts. However, if you join, and for some reason you are closing in on your limit, we can adjust your account via our Responsive Hosting Environment. We thank you for taking the time to read and We hope you decide to use our service to your benefit.

D2-Designs Team