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“Many of our direct competitors try and woo you and other potential customers with promises of unlimited disk space and bandwidth (while actually hiding in clauses in the TOS that allow them to shut your account if you do use over a certain amount). I’ll be honest – we’ve been tempted to follow this trend and I have no doubt our sales would increase if we did but we’ve continued to place emphasis on quality rather than quantity. The unlimited hosts have chronic overloading/slow performance issues that we do not. We do have limits on hosting accounts, generously high but we do have limits. We also have limits on CPU/Memory resource usage that we do enforce. The reasoning behind all of this is to keep our servers running at optimal performance at all times. Those few extra seconds can really count, and here is something to back it up. Of course, in a shared environment there can be problems from time to time but these are increasingly rare with us.”

“We continue to pledge quality over quantity and you can do your bit to help by pointing your friends to this article.”

WHB – D2-Designs