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Recently we ran our server checks and reformed some of our security measures to better serve our clients.

screenshot-3-2Basmarina.com has come on top yet again with the most monthly visits. All of our clients are equal when it comes to service here at D2-Designs, but based on sheer monthly traffic, Basmarina.com has become a site in which all of the local fisherman can go to one place to get latest weather information for that location and information regarding other fishing related topics. Since it’s inception with D2-Designs hosting Basmarina.com has amassed 25,000 hits in their first year service with Us.

We hope that if you’re reading this, and you’re looking for your NEW online home for your site or looking to start your online presence, choose D2-Designs and Get Known!™


PossitiveSSL_tl_trans2Purchase with POM(Peace of Mind), At D2-Designs we have taken steps to secure your transaction with us.

First We use Positive SSL technology to secure our shopping cart before you purchase anything. The data that is transmitted from your computer to ours is secured by a 128bit encryption from the start. Then we make sure our shopping cart is up to date with the latest security installs and patches to insure that no malicious code has been injected into our shopping cart to steal your information. Then we implement two factor authentication on the back end where our support staff logs into. This keeps hackers from brute forcing there way into our system and gaining access to our customer information that way.

With that said, no system is 100% secure all of the time. A determined hacker could find there way into our shopping cart system if they really dedicated themselves to doing so. Which is why we do not store any credit card information or critical identifying information on our servers. Finally, we take a snapshot of our database that has our customers account information and download it daily. This insures that if we were targeted by a determined hacker who gained access to our two factor secured system, we could shutdown the service, and reload our business with very little, if any, downtime to our customers.

Finding a host who will take drastic measures to secure your identity and ours is hard to find, but with our Peace Of Mind shopping experience you can rest assured that D2-Designs holds security second to customer service.

Get Known!™

220px-Rack001 As we take a look at the servers and receive our generated report. We look at data throughout the rack unit and see that our clients are doing very well when it comes to on-line visits. Last months top site was Bastrop Marina. They received 1.7 Gigabytes of data transfer last month. Way to go Bastrop Marina, we’re glad to have you as our customer.

Over all server reports show that all clients hosted with D2-Designs were on-line 100% of the time. That’s a great accomplishment considering everyone is using Wordpress as their content management system, and it was under a world wide attack. All of our clients are important to us, and each of them know that they aren’t just a number!

Get Known!™ at D2-Designs!

wordpresstranzAs you may already be aware, the brute force attack on one of the most popular CMS worldwide – WordPress, is still in progress, and has reached world-wide scale. The consequences of this attack are seen not only by our company but by basically any company that provides hosting for WordPress sites. As a rule, we are able to address or filter similar attacks without much trouble, but the current situation is different in scale and the level of resources invested into it.

At the moment, we have taken a large number of measures to mitigate the results of this attack, but the situation is worsened by several facts:

1) first of all,the attack is launched from spoofed IP addresses, and blocking these IPs doesn’t have any long-term effect; 2) the attack’s algorithm is extremely sophisticated, and is constantly evolving: all our attempts to reduce the consequences of the attacks which were functional an hour ago, are reduced in effect by each new evolution and change in the attack’s pattern; 3) the amount of compromised websites grows with each day (mainly websites with weak or default passwords and login credentials), malicious scripts are uploaded to these sites, and these scripts cause a hightened network activity and system resource consumption, which influences the function and speed of all services of a hosting server.

We are constantly monitoring the current situation, and implementing the necessary countermeasures to pro actively deny the attackers the opportunity to compromise the WordPress installations located on our servers, but we’d like to ask you to be patient with us during this difficult situation.

levelsThere are many levels to a design and it all starts with a foundation no different than to building any structure.

As you can see from the image to the left, We have taken our own site and placed it into a 3D rotation and highlighted all of the layers. Each container has a different element that is placed on top of our foundation. These layers can range in the hundreds to thousands depending on the content and elements you have in your design. A good web designer uses multiple tools to help in this development, but will still have the knowledge to enhance the design that their tools lack.

Everyone has a different preference on what they want their site to look like. With that said, can you imagine by looking at the image, the price a site would cost you if a developer used Notepad on their computer at a going rate of $95 dollars and hour? The cost would clean out most businesses of their net profit for two quarters or more!

So you take that going rate of $95 dollars an hour, add a developer who utilizes several tools to create their design and still has the knowledge to customize their design to your liking, then you don’t end up breaking the bank just to get on-line.

D2-Designs has all of this capability to do this for you. Our business structure is not designed to inflate the cost of design to get rich. We simply just want people to have their own little notch on the ever expanding world wide web. Most of our designs are simple yet effective. If you take our design, and add it to a CMS like WordPress, then you have the foundation already to make your presence known to the world. We’re not even out to force a design down your throat! If you have found a good design, but want even better hosting, then D2-Designs is the place.

Unlike bigger companies who just want to flood their servers with users by offering “Unlimited Space and Bandwidth”, We set limits to insure that other users on the same shared envirenvironmentt have downtimes because the server is jam packed with users.

How does that affect you? Simple, if you have 500 users on one server, and those sites are getting 500 hits per hour, then the server is experiencing 25,000 page views per hour. Most hosting companies could handle that with no problem. They do it by setting a limit called “Page view limitation”. You’ve probably seen it before “This site has had to many page views, please try back later”. Guess what that is? It’s called downtime, even if the server is on-line for other sites, yours is down.

Trust us, when you sign up with D2-Designs, you’re not only getting excellent service, you’re getting a fantastic foundation!

Get Known!™

We will shut down ordering services for Sunday in remembrance of Christ’s Rising from the grave. It should be noted that D2-Designs has a strong foundation in Christian beliefs and for this reason it’s our duty to implement that into our business structure.

We know that are client base may have different beliefs and D2-Designs respects that. We’re not here to force our beliefs on our clients, we’re here to give them the best service they deserve as a Human being and not a number like our large competitors. You can view us as you like, we’re definatly not perfect, but we will stick to our beliefs and forward kindness and respect to our clients.

Thank you for your understanding and Have a great day,
D2-Designs Team

20130321-134111.jpg At D2-Designs your data is very important. We take many measures to insure that if there were a data failure we would be able to restore your site in a reasonable manor. Hard Drive failure at some point is inevitable. We replace HDD’s every so often to insure failure won’t occur, but be-it by design or manufacturing, sometimes they do fail usually without warning. If a HDD does fail, we are notified immediately and can replace the hard drive, sometimes without any downtime.

So rest assured that your site data is stored in a safe place at D2-Designs. We wouldn’t want our data lost, and we know our customers wouldn’t either, so why not utilize the same system to protect our customers!

If you’re not our customer, Join today and Get Known!™ at D2-Designs

The server’s reported a 100% uptime this month. Also, we ran some server checks which returned with no errors. Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by!

PossitiveSSLWe recently had to renew our SSL from last year. Upon renewing, we had difficulties installing the new certificate on the server. This caused us to have some down time for new customers to order products. We apologize for that inconvience. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure enviroment for our customers and new customers who order Hosting Service through Us.

After several attempts to install the new certificate, we finally found out that it was caused by a improper RSA Key file. Once discovered, we quickly reset the key file and installed the SSL Certificate.

We’re now setup for secure transactions once again, and we are confident that our old and new customers will appreciate the fact that we shut down our business to insure that no insecure information would be broadcasted over the internet.

D2-Designs Team

We’ve checked on the servers, everything is humming like it should be. Join up today and Get Known!™