Get Known!™

There’s been a buzz about why we chose to take away the ability for anyone to sign up. The easy answer I can give is customer service. We’re not some major corporation with investors and money pouring in, as a matter of fact, it actually costs more money to offer clients hosting than it does to select who we want to host. D2-Designs was not built on the premise that we could charge our customers to make a profit. Why even have that as a business plan is beyond me to begin with.

I started the company to have a spot where people could come and get help finding a good host. At the time, we were on a good host, so naturally I pointed many people there. Then I started thinking, why instead of pointing people away to other hosts and “hoping” they have the same experience I have, I should just start my own hosting company and share all the features I like. Like not being a flood gate for everyone to sign up on. So I set limits, and got the server and merchant account. Here we are now, not big, not a major player in on-line hosting, just a small company offering consultation and hosting with some design work as well.

As time went on, more and more clients are signing up, great right!? Well not actually, because it seemed that people were signing up expecting a huge corporation to handle every single one of their needs, design, merchant setups, content, etc… Why sure I could do every single one of these, not a problem, except money. The clients ending up being low income themselves, not having capitol to pay for such services that I wasn’t offering for free!? So they move on to Godaddy and the likes and are happy now, as I’m told often in e-mails. =]

So after a couple of those experiences, I thought, why not just pick who I want to host, and beyond that,  why not let my current clients pick those for me. I mean, my clients know what I’m offering and have already had great experiences here with me, so the advertisement is great. I get to pick based of recommendations from current clients, seems like a win for not only me, but the new client as well.

In short, D2-Designs isn’t going anywhere, or having issues staying up with current or new clients. We’re just picking who gets to join the family, and I think that’s a great deal.  I’m sure one day we’ll let anyone signup again, maybe when staffing is right and the price for service is right, but for now, We’ll keep enjoying the clients we do have, and look forward to them helping us in return.

David D.