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newinvoice As you all may know, we’ve recently updated our site.  A lot has changed with our services too, now when you receive an invoice from D2-Designs, you will be able to log into your account via the e-mail without having to use your password. This was done to help those clients who don’t remember their details from the signup process but just want to pay without having to dig through e-mails to find them. Now using a hash from our server that is generated with every invoice, you can simply click on the link and be taken to pay the invoice.

What about security? No real problem there, once the link is clicked on the hash is removed from our server and the link is dead. The kicker is, the hash is only generated once the invoice is, so there’s no breach in security to your account while waiting for the new invoice. You all should know how we feel about security at this point, and we take very extreme measures to prevent any unauthorized access to anyone’s account, including ours. We’re still rolling out new improvements this month and so we hope to have those “live” real soon.

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